High Performance Meets Luxury

The ultimate Ribs in terms of Style, Performance and Comfort. An absolute cruising experience along with the highest construction quality

Technohull holds a leading position in the powerboat market with specialization at the field of RIBs. The use of top quality materials combined with knowledge of the highly qualified and experienced stuff guarantees maximum safety and performance. Having been uniquely designed, every vessel meets the highest standards of the global RIB market. A well-run company, certified by ISO 9001:20008 level of quality, Technohull has committed its efforts into building the best boats for you.

Renowned British designer of cruisers and racing boats Adam Younger is behind the company’s innovative hull design. The use of advanced hyper-technological materials for light-weight construction of solid boats makes all of Technohull’s vessels stand out for their smooth riding, high speed and low fuel consumption.